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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the questions most frequently asked before choosing to travel with TravelGlo


When To Book

You want to book with us? We are flattered! 
But, to ensure your preferred tour dates are available, it is advisable to book and pay your deposit as early as possible to reserve your holiday.

How To Book

There are many ways to make a booking with TravelGlo, but these are our favourites:

  • Contact one of our friendly reservation team members
  •  Visit and:
    • Select one of our tours, pick your departure date and cabin type
    • Fill in the 'Enquiry Contact' form and submit. We will then call you back to arrange your booking.
  • Contact your local travel agent

After Your Booking Is Made

Before you pack, and once the deposit has been paid, final payment for the balance of the holiday package is due 100 days prior to departure, unless stated otherwise in the terms of a special offer. Payment is required in full at the time of booking for reservations made less than 100 days before departure.

Once a booking is completed, you will receive an invoice with all the relevant information relating to your holiday package. We strongly recommend you read the information carefully and check all details are correct. Please make note of your flight times, particularly early morning departures – don’t get caught out! Approximately 21 days prior to departure you will be sent your documents by email, which will include an information booklet and your final itinerary. How exciting!


A deposit of $200 per person, per holiday package is required within 7 days of booking confirmation. Deposit requirements may vary when booking air travel.
If flights are booked through TravelGlo, full payment is required when fights are booked. All airfares are subject to flight and booking class availability.

Final Balance 

Final payment of the balance of the holiday package is due 100 days prior to departure, unless stated otherwise. Payment in full is required at time of booking for reservations made less than 100 days before departure. For more information, please see our General Terms & Conditions.

Deposit Cancellation Peace Of Mind 

Planning travel can be stressful and unpredictable. Thankfully, TraveGlo has got you covered. A Deposit Cancellation Peace of Mind is available when an upfront fee of $20 per person is paid at the time of deposit. This allows a cancellation to be made prior to the final payment date and your deposit to be retained as a holding credit to be used for future bookings through the APT Travel Group. For more information, please see our General Terms & Conditions.

Credit Card

A 1-3 % surcharge will be added to your final tour price for payments done by credit card.


Tipping isn’t included in the price of your holiday and is discretionary.

We recommend the following;

  • Tour Managers - €2 pp per day (£2 in Scotland, 3CHF in Switzerland, 2RUB in Russia and 2KR in Sweden).
  • Local guides - €2 pp per service (£2 in Scotland, not applicable in Switzerland).
  • Coach drivers - €2 per service (£2 in Scotland, not applicable in Switzerland).
  • Tipping at meals/to hospitality staff are discretionary, where you feel it is appropriate.

Please remember, tipping rules vary by country, by region and scenario. Furthermore, it isn’t expected in all situations – it’s a reward rather than a right.


Porterage is not included in the price of your holiday. This is at your discretion. A recommended amount would be €/£/CHF1 per bag per service.

Who We Are

A bold, new and affordable concept from the APT Travel Group, TravelGlo is proud to be owned and run by the McGeary family, with over 90 years of travel industry experience. As Australia’s largest locally owned tour company and most awarded, it maintains an unparalleled commitment to innovation in defining what travel means, not only in Australia but the world.

Furthermore, TravelGlo has partnered with award-winning Rail Discoveries, to offer a program of escorted journeys by rail throughout Europe. As part of the Great Rail Journeys group, with 30 years of experience in rail-based holidays, we’re confident that together, we’ll help make your holiday what you want it to be.

What’s Included 

As part of the APT Travel Group, holiday packages with TravelGlo encompass an impressive array of benefits, with an experienced team behind the organisation of your trip.

Our tours include:

All rail and/or coach travel, as shown in the itinerary
3 and 4-star hotel accommodation
Many meals, as shown in the itinerary
Must-see sights
An experienced tour manager or driver/guide
Return group airport transfers (time-specified and select destinations only)


Changing A Tour

Why go all that way and not stay longer? We don’t blame you. That’s why you are able to add additional nights before or after you tour, as well as combining with another tour, subject to availability. For other tour amendments, please contact your Reservations Consultant.

Solo Travellers

Exploring on your own or don’t like sharing? Opt for privacy and cover any related single supplements. Please note: limited numbers of single rooms/suites/cabins are available and must be requested at the time of booking. Please enquire for more information.

Group Bookings

F is for friends who do stuff together… Group travel is flexible and can be arranged with a minimum of 10 passengers. TravelGlo also offer a variety of options for group travel.

Average Age And Restrictions

Age is but a number. That's why TravelGlo is available to travellers of all ages, with no upper age restriction on our tours. Guests are generally 55+. Some tours may be physically demanding, so ensure you to pick the correct holiday package to suit your needs and abilities.


A person is a person, no matter how small. However, the minimum age for travellers varies between tours, so please enquire for further details. Children under the age of 8 are not permitted on tours and cruises. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by (and share accommodation with) an adult at all times.

Groups Sizes

Move with ease and get to know your fellow travellers easier, as the maximum group size is between 35 to 45 people – varies from tour to tour.


Feeling lucky? In some circumstances, upgrades will be available for hotels – subject to availability. Please enquire for further details. Rail journeys are unable to be upgraded due to the need to keep groups together.

Cancellation Policy

For all information, please see our General Terms & Conditions.


Flights are not included as part of your tour price. Our Reservation Consultants staff are happy to help you find the perfect flights to fit with your tour. Simply get in touch!

Passengers Requiring Special Assistance

Any condition requiring special attention must be reported to TravelGlo at the time of reservation. Participants requiring special assistance must be accompanied by a person responsible for (and physically able to provide) all assistance. We regret that we cannot provide individual assistance to a tour member for walking, getting on/off trains, tour buses and other transportation vehicles, or other personal needs.

Facilities and services for passengers with disabilities differ among destinations and may be limited or non-existent. Disabled facilities on board trains and at stations can be limited and are not guaranteed. It is important to advise that doorways, hallways and public areas are narrow onboard the majority of trains used in the program and are unsuitable for wheelchairs. Travellers are required to have mobility as wheelchairs are also not permitted in between carriages. Coaches and minibuses used for transfers and daily excursions may not be equipped with wheelchair ramps.


All tours include a complimentary arrival and departure transfer to/from your hotel, at a set time on the first and last day of the tour. Times are confirmed in your documentation. If your flight times do not coincide with the group transfer time, you can choose to purchase a private transfer. If you arrive before, or leave after the scheduled tour start and end date, you may also book a private transfer.

Travelling By Train

With TravelGlo, you'll find that there's no easier way to see Europe than by rail. With all the essentials taken care of, not only is it convenient, comfortable and trouble-free, rail travel adds a real sense of adventure to your trip. These remarkable routes are beyond just transportation, only from the window of your high-speed, steam or scenic trains will you be given a unique insight into the beauty and culture of the regions and villages. Its convenient nature allows you freedom of movement on board so that you can relax, walk around, take refreshments at the bar or in the restaurant car, and speak to fellow travellers. Train transportation also means you will conveniently arrive in the heart of cities, making it a fast and efficient mode of travel.

All passengers will be seated in economy class. Train tickets and seating is often unable to be confirmed until closer to the date of travel. TravelGlo will make all possible arrangements to ensure the group is seated together, although in some instances this may not be possible. It is also worth noting that seats on trains will be in either groups of two or four and some passengers may be required to travel backwards. Unobstructed views cannot be guaranteed. Train delays can often occur which is out of the control of TravelGlo.

Passengers will be required to change platforms, manage some steps and get on/off trains by themselves and therefore must be physically fit for such movement. This also includes transporting your own luggage into luggage racks and to and from stations to hotels, so it is advised to pack as lightly as possible for your own ease. Unfortunately tour managers and guides are unable to assist with such transportation due to Occupational Health & Safety guidelines.

Tour Manager

Behind every great TravelGlo tour, is an even greater tour manager. Experienced, easy going and friendly, your knowledgeable tour manager will be provided by our partner, Rail Discoveries for the entirety of your journey.

They will be with you from the start to the end of the tour and are available whenever you may need assistance. For those seeking advice for their itinerary, your tour manager is able to provide a wealth of insight and suggestions, but can also fade into the background for those desiring a more independent experience. They are there to make sure everything goes to plan and you have a relaxing holiday. You will meet your tour manager either on arrival at the airport or at your hotel.


Hotels may vary in room size and facilities, but rest easy knowing all accommodation has been carefully selected to provide you with quality, comfort and a convenient location. The majority of hotels are 3 or 4 star and come with a distinctive style. Please note, some hotels will have facilities such as Wi-Fi available at an additional charge, and coverage can vary depending on location. Many hotels do not have tea/coffee facilities in the rooms, but hair dryers, irons and ironing boards are usually provided on request. Bathrooms may only have a bath or a shower over a bath. Official check-in times can vary, but are typically between 2-3p.m. At the commencement of your tour, check-ins will be managed by your Tour Manager. Some European hotels are required to keep your passport at reception throughout your stay due to government, country or local laws.


When nature calls, you can expect to pay between €0.50 and €2 to use public toilets. If in need, go to a bar or cafe and order a drink. That allows you to use their facilities. However, in some cases, a fee may still apply! It’s also good to know, almost all accommodation has western-style toilets and bidets.


Helping you navigate the core of each destination, some excursions are already included in the price of your holiday, while others are optional additions that can be added at an extra cost. All excursions are designed to enhance your trip and be of cultural, social and historical interest. Typically trains will be used for transport, with the occasional short, high-quality coach or boat journey organised to get you to your destination. In addition to your Tour Manager, most excursions will have you joined by a local guide in order to impart specialist knowledge.

Joining In 

Your holiday is designed for your interest and taste. Itineraries are flexible and you will never be forced to partake in an activity you have no desire for. Independent exploration and dining is possible for those seeking it and there is the opportunity to opt in and out of activities as you wish. If you prefer to simply stay in and relax in your hotel, you are welcome to do so.


We would never let you leave home without a good feed. That’s why all breakfasts are included while on tour – as well as some selected lunches and dinners. Please see your individual travel itinerary for details. Where included, meals will typically be a choice of courses or buffet-style, and you will usually dine with your fellow travellers. For passengers with special dietary requirements, restrictions will be catered for to the best of our ability, though it is important to note that options may be limited in more remote locations. Please advise us of any dietary requirements at the time of your booking so your preferences can be catered for.


We encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle with you on tour. Bringing your own bottle or asking for tap water at a restaurant means that you can cut your plastic waste and you also benefit from cutting the costs of purchasing water. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Love to be connected? Many of the hotels we have chosen have WiFi, however coverage can vary, depending upon location. Please note, WiFi may come at an additional charge.

Dress Code 

Don't stress over what to pack! Generally, smart casual is acceptable on most tours, and comfortable footwear is recommended. Some cultures observe specific dress requirements, such as head dress for women. Tour Managers will supply more information on tour on any of these requirements. Please see a list of what to pack.


Please refer to "Tipping" in the "Money Matters" section above.


Please refer to "Porterage" in the "Money Matters" section above.

Late Or Missed Flights

If your flight is delayed or if you miss a flight, please call the TravelGlo office on the relevant number below:

Provide your new flight details, and they will do their best to reconfirm your transfer with their local representative. If you are not met due to a delayed or missed flight, please make your way to the hotel (by taxi). Retain receipts, in case you need to make a claim with your airline or travel insurance company. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Lost/Delayed Luggage

Is that my bag? Did someone else take it? Was it even put on the plane?  Luggage can be delayed during air transit, that's why we recommended to take a change of clothing and any essential medication in your hand luggage, or pack some clothing in your travel companion’s bag. Always place a copy of the hotel contacts inside each piece of luggage as well. If your luggage is lost, this will help the airline find you. Should your luggage be delayed, it is the responsibility of the airline to deliver it to you. Claims for reimbursement should be submitted directly to the airline – a claim form should be filled out at the appropriate airline desk before leaving the baggage area. If you need assistance in contacting the airline for information regarding your delayed luggage, please ask your tour manager.


Bonjour! Guten Tag! Olá! Konnichiwa! Or, just, Hello! The official language used by TravelGlo staff worldwide is English. All Tour Managers and the local guides speak English. Locally, people will generally speak their native language with varying degrees of English, but this is all a part of the experience!

Traveller Feedback

We are sincerely interested in receiving feedback about your experience, as we strive to further improve our tours in response to these comments. On tour you will be asked to complete a feedback form, and by advising us of your feedback, travel preferences and interests, you can help us develop tours and customer programs that meet your needs.

Coach Safety

The safety and wellbeing of our guests are paramount, that is why passengers must remain seated at all times while the coach is in motion to avoid serious injury. Passengers using the emergency bathroom do so at their own risk. Hand luggage and other personal items should be stored in the overhead luggage racks or under your seat to keep the aisles clear. Heavy items, bottles etc. should not be stored overhead. No passengers are permitted to remain on the coach during stops. Do not leave any valuable items on the coach. Please watch the stairs and overhead entrances when boarding the coach and check for traffic when exiting the coach. Please follow these safety precautions and take the time to note all emergency exits. If fitted, seatbelts must be worn.

Learn about travel requirements for Europe and how to prepare for your TravelGlo tour.
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